Fleas hiding all over your house?

Seek them out with RIP Fleas Extra, the complete environmental flea solution.

Flea infestations used to be a problem which was confined to the summer months. However, due to the use of central heating, fleas are now a year-round nuisance. Fleas can cause a number of problems for your pet including severe discomfort, allergic skin disease, transmission of tapeworm infections and anaemia (especially in kittens and puppies).

Routine preventative treatment is critical – a single flea can lay up to 50 eggs a day, so a full-blown infestation can take hold very rapidly if your pet or home are left unprotected.

This website is designed to help you use R.I.P Fleas Extra safely and effectively, and to enable you to learn more about fleas and their life cycle. Armed with this knowledge (and a can of R.I.P Fleas Extra!) you’ll have the best chance of getting rid of these irritating parasites!        







Group fleas and eggs